How to Tape a Hockey Stick

Whether you’re playing in the National Hockey League as a professional or a game of shinny with your friends, one required piece of equipment is the hockey stick. You may have a brand preference when purchasing a hockey stick, including its flex and curve.

Another personalized feature of your hockey stick is the tape job, which differs from one player to the next. Depending on your playing style and overall preferences, there are numerous ways of taping your hockey stick. Let’s start with the colour of your tape.

Black Hockey Tapes VS White Hockey Tape

Once you’ve purchased your new hockey stick, you’ll need to buy and apply tape before you can use it. If you’re a brand new hockey player, you should only use hockey tape on your stick. We don’t want you to be the player with electrical tape on their hockey stick.

You can purchase hockey tape in various colours and patterns, but players tend to use either black or white. Some will tell you that black tape disguises the puck from goalies, while others will say that white tape allows you to see the puck while controlling it.

Truthfully, there’s not much validity to either of these beliefs, and professional players often regard them as myths. Like any other aspect, your hockey stick tape’s colour is open to personal preference and sometimes even based on a player’s superstitions.

Taping a Hockey Stick Blade

After you’ve decided on your hockey stick tape’s colour, you can start personalizing your hockey stick blade’s tape job. The purpose of taping your hockey stick blade is for better control of the puck, preventing you from losing possession of it during play.

Hockey players often cover the majority of their blade with tape, leaving some room at the toe and heel. You can begin taping at either end of the hockey stick blade, but make sure you start at the toe and finish at the heel or vice versa, with only one layer of tape.

If you’re a beginner, we recommend a more simple tape job. To begin, place the hockey tape – from the bottom to the top – near the toe’s forehand. Start wrapping the tape around your blade, slightly overlapping each strand of tape as you move along.

Continue wrapping the tape around your blade – ensuring there’s no space between each stand – until you’re close to your blade’s heel. You can separate the tape from the stick with your hands or by cutting the final strand of tape with a pair of scissors.

Taping a Hockey Stick Butt

The butt of your hockey stick, otherwise known as the very top, must be taped if you want a better grip. Unlike the hockey stick’s blade and the rest of your stick’s butt, you want multiple layers of tape at the top, creating a knob on the butt of your hockey stick.

To start taping the butt of your hockey stick, continue wrapping the tape around the top until you feel that it’s right. After you’ve created a knob to your personal preference, wrap the tape a few inches down your stick, slightly overlapping each strand of tape.

To finishing taping the butt of your hockey stick, tear the tape roll by hand or cut the end with scissors. Similar to the hockey stick’s blade, some players will personalize their stick butt’s tape job, but creating a simple grip is the only necessity for beginners.

Final Thoughts on Taping a Hockey Stick

While there are many ways to tape your hockey stick, its purpose is a grip for the player and better control of the puck. There’s no one correct way of taping your hockey stick, but you can’t go wrong with the method outlined above if you’re a beginner in the sport.

We hope this has been helpful for you in taping your hockey stick, but feel free to share how you tape your hockey stick or some of your favourite tape jobs! If you have any questions about taping your hockey stick, feel free to ask us in the comments below!

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