Ice Hockey

What are Hockey Sticks Made of?

One of the more customizable pieces of sporting equipment is the hockey stick.  If you’re an avid hockey player, you know everyone has their preferences when it comes to the blade’s curve and shaft’s flex.  You may even have a unique way of taping your stick. But have you ever thought about what your hockey … Read more

What is Boarding in Hockey?

Ice hockey is a contact sport, so occasionally, players will hit each other. But from time to time, some players let their emotions get the best of them and will violently hit the opposing players.  These heavy hits can sometimes lead to serious injuries and in severe circumstances even end the career of the player … Read more

Hockey Rink Dimensions

If you’re a new or more casual hockey fan, you might assume that hockey rinks are the same dimensions around the world. You might also be surprised to know that you’d be wrong, as hockey rinks in North America slightly differ from their European counterparts. The general look of all professional hockey rinks are similar, … Read more

A Simple Explanation of The Icing Rule in Ice Hockey

Wondering what the Icing Rule in Hockey means? In this post we’ll attempt to explain the Icing Rule in Hockey as simply as possible. Hopefully by the time you’ve read this you will have a full understanding of the Icing Rule. Basic Explanation Icing occurs when a player shoots the hockey puck from behind the … Read more