Ice Hockey

How to Tape a Hockey Stick

Whether you’re playing in the National Hockey League as a professional or a game of shinny with your friends, one required piece of equipment is the hockey stick. You may have a brand preference when purchasing a hockey stick, including its flex and curve. Another personalized feature of your hockey stick is the tape job, … Read more

How Much do Hockey Players make?

As one of the four major sports in North America, becoming a hockey player can be a lucrative career. For players in the National Hockey League (NHL), the world’s top hockey league, their earnings depend on their skill level and role on the team. Player salaries have grown considerably over the years, leading to the … Read more

How much does a Hockey Puck weigh?

One of hockey’s distinct features from other team sports – such as basketball, baseball, and soccer – is the use of a non-spherical object to score. The hockey puck may be round, but it’s flat on both sides like a coin. Its shape can result in strange bounces. While a hockey puck’s shape is apparent … Read more

How Fast do Hockey Players Skate?

One of the main appeals for hockey fans is the game’s electrifying pace. As one of the world’s fastest sports, hockey requires a particular skill set, including speed, agility, and endurance. At the professional level, hockey has only become faster over the years. This increased speed has forced hockey players to adapt and improve their … Read more

How many Hockey Games in a Season?

Between the physical aspects of the game and its quick pace, hockey is an incredibly tiring sport. If you feel tired after one game in a recreational league, imagine the fatigue of an entire season at the professional level. The season can be a gruelling journey. You might be wondering how many games a professional … Read more

How to Lace Hockey Skates

A noteworthy aspect of hockey equipment is the personalization from one player to the next. While it may be surprising to beginners, this also includes a hockey player’s skates. The most obvious is one’s brand preference, but there’s more to it than this. Before a hockey player ties their new pair of skates, they’ll first … Read more

How many Players on a Hockey Team

Hockey is one of the biggest sports in North America and Europe. As one of the most exciting, if not the most exciting sport on the planet, it would be a good idea to go through all the rules of the sport, specifically; ‘How many players do hockey teams have?’ We’ve answered this based on … Read more

What are Hockey Pucks Made of?

The same way the ball is important in soccer that is how the puck is important to hockey. In today’s guide, we are going to look at the hockey puck, how it is made, what it is made from and so much more. Let’s dive in: What Are Hockey Pucks? A hockey puck which is … Read more

What is Offsides in Hockey?

Offsides is one of the more difficult rules to learn if you are new to the game of hockey. We will be going through the different aspects of the rule in this article to help break it down. One important thing is, don’t confuse this with field hockey, this article is only talking about ice … Read more

Who Invented Hockey and where did it Originate?

If you had to associate one country around the world with hockey, the first that comes to mind is likely Canada.  One of the prevailing stereotypes about Canadians is their love of hockey, with many dubbing it “Canada’s game” due to the country’s plethora of talent. This might lead you to believe that Canadians invented … Read more